Information and facility security is now one of the priorities of companies and ActiveSys will find a team of certified professionals in the technologies of renowned IT security manufacturers who, according to the security needs of customers, develop information and facility security plans, implementing turnkey solutions in our customers’ facilities.

Our Offer

  • Consulting and Audits;
  • Vulnerability Assessment;
  • HSM – Secure Multi party Computation (SMPC) for Cryptographic Key Management;
  • RSS – Remote Signature Solution with Signature Activation Module (SAM) Crypto Module;
  • MFA – Multi – Factor Authentication;
  • Firewall;
  • NAC;
  • MDM;
  • Information and Event Management;
  • IDS/IPS;
  • End Point protection;
  • Date Encription;
  • Authentication and access control;
  • Video Surveillance.


  • Simplicity of management and complete monitoring of all infrastructure and facilities;
  • Control of who, when and how accesses the company and corporate information;
  • Definition of user access matrices to different types of information and installations;
  • Compliance with data protection and infrastructure principles.