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The Future of Passwords

Will passwords continue to make sense in the future?   For many years, several promises have been communicated regarding the disappearance of passwords. In fact, this way of protecting data and accounts is mostly hated, mainly because, due to the lack of...

Human Rights in the Digital Age

The 21st century was and is marked by the digitization not only of processes but also of information.   In view of this, on May 17, 2021, the “Portuguese Charter on Human Rights in the Digital Era” was published in the Republic Diary.  This referendum aims...


Proxy is known as one of the main types of Firewall.   In the article referring to Firewall technology, a small definition was given about what Proxy is. This is the next step to learn more about this technology. Proxy servers work as an intermediary...


As already proven, Pandemic accelerated the process of Digital Transformation for companies.   Covid-19 has forced several companies to shift their focus to launching new and expanded digital services to support a completely remote workforce and accelerate...

The Pandemic and the Digitalization

As you can imagine, 2020 was marked by the year of the pandemic and, consequently, by the technological revolution.   2021 is no exception, since Covid-19 is still going strong and digitalization is still very much present, being considered the essential...

Top 5 Home Office

Despite all the developments related to the pandemic, remote work or hybrid work, which mixes face-to-face and teleworking, remains a reality.   With the end of the state of emergency, and the beginning of the state of calamity due to the pandemic, the...