Managed Services


ActivSys has professionals specialized in the implementation of Managed Services models, using the most appropriate methodologies and the most rigorous international quality criteria.

ActiveSys Managed Services are provided through the provision of specialized technical resources or through the realization thereof, through contracts with SLA (Service Level Agreement) that can be managed, in whole or in part, by the Client or ActiveSys.

Our Offering

  • Consulting and Auditing

Analysis of functional requirements and business objectives.
Implementation of service models according to industry best practices.

  • Outsourcing Global

Global outsourcing of the IT function, including technological assets and human resources.

  • Helpdesk and Prevention 24×7

Helpdesk 1st, 2nd line and field service.
24×7 operations anywhere in the national territory supported by teams with a high level of expertise.

  • Servicedesk

Dedicated or shared call center for receiving and forwarding incidents.

  • Data Center Management

Management, monitoring, administration and support of the Data Center.
Ability to ensure high criticality service levels on site or remotely.
Management and availability of IT infrastructures, in as-a-service models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, …).

  • Device Management

Management, administration and support of PC parks, printers and other access devices.

  • Maintenance Contracts

Preventive and corrective technical assistance with maintenance contracts with response times adjusted to your needs and contractual coverage, with service levels up to 24×7.

Main benefits

  • Conversion of capex cost model into OPEX model;
  • Focuses on the company’s Core Business;
  • Risk sharing and transfer;
  • Access to specialized technical knowledge;
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of operation, maintenance and management of infrastructure and human resources.
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