10 Tech Trends for 2024

For a successful list of resolutions, it’s important to be aware of what the trends will be in 2024.

The world of technology is constantly evolving and, as a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging to predict which technological trends will have an impact in the coming years.

Given this, organizations need to adapt to continuous evolution and it is necessary to anticipate and understand trends so that companies can respond quickly to this context.

As usual at the start of the year, ActiveSys shares the main technological trends for 2024 that will mark the year.

According to Gartner, there will be 10 strategic technological trends that will mark 2024:

Democratized Generative AI

GenAI is an area of AI that focuses on the creation of new data, such as images, texts and music. As it is becoming increasingly accessible, it is democratized and can be used by companies of all sizes to create digital products and services.

AI-Augmented Development

The third word of the year 2023 in Portugal, AI, is being integrated to assist software engineers in software development, through AI Augmented Development. This makes it possible to automate repetitive tasks, provide feedback and identify problems.

Augmented Connected Workforce

Made up of workers who use connected devices to carry out their daily tasks. As a result, the way companies organize their work is changing.

Machine Customers

These are systems that can naturally interact with humans, without the need for human intervention.

Platform Engineering

It’s about creating and maintaining platforms that can be used to build new digital products and services.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

It’s a pragmatic and systemic approach to continually adjusting cyber security optimization priorities. According to the technology company, by 2026, organizations that prioritize security investments based on a CTEM program will see a two-thirds reduction in security breaches.

Intelligent Applications

For the third year running, Augmented and Virtual Reality have once again been recognized as a trend, as they are being used in a variety of applications, and are no longer just technologies associated with entertainment experiences, but have become essential tools in various industries.

Sustainable Technology

Also much talked about in recent years, but there is in fact a growth in the development of more sustainable technologies, through a framework of digital solutions used to enable environmental, social and governance outcomes that support ecological balance and human rights in the long term, with the aim of looking after the planet and reconciling development and sustainability.

AI as Partner

Use of AI technologies, such as generative AI, to help software engineers create, test and deliver applications. Alongside this, another technology that has come to the fore in recent years, the IoT, is improving efficiency, security and comfort in various contexts. According to technology forecasts, by 2028, 75% of enterprise software engineers will be using AI coding assistants, compared to less than 10% at the start of 2023.

Industry Cloud Platforms

Currently, only 15% of companies use ICPs (Industry Cloud Platforms). However, Gartner predicts that more than 70% of companies will adopt this technology over the next few years. ICPs combine SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions, underlying a complete offer of combinable resources, and cloud proposals can be adapted to an organisation’s needs.

Opensoft has also highlighted some technological trends for 2024:

  • Move quickly to new technologies and promote digital literacy: the Gartner study states that by 2024, 25% of business meetings will be face-to-face;
  • Investing in the integration of generative AI into labor tools: AI could grow the global economy by 14.5 trillion euros by 2030, resulting in a growth of around 26% in the GDP per capita of national economies, according to a PwC study. In addition, according to Gartner forecasts, the use of generative AI will bring significant growth, estimated to extend to 40% of tools by 2024, compared to just 5% in 2020;
  • Strengthening cybersecurity through proactive systems: cybercrime is expected to cause global damage of around 10.5 trillion euros by 2025, as has been seen in recent years. Opensoft believes that, given this, the way forward will be to invest in proactive threat detection and resolution systems;
  • Betting on Green Tech: This year, the use of technology and science to minimize environmental impact will be a trend, and the technology sector will play a growing role in accelerating the transition to a sustainable future. Environmental concerns will also mark the development of software, particularly software that reduces energy consumption or uses “clean” energy, according to Opensoft;
  • Investing in Progressive Web Apps (PWA): companies are investing in these tools in an attempt to respond to the needs and improve the experience of mobile application users.

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