Júlio Dinis School’s New Home_Implementation

Last January, we began a trilogy about Colégio Júlio Dinis, one of our major projects for 2023.

In this second episode of this Case Study, and continuing to show all the steps of what is one of our biggest projects, we move on to the implementation phase, the moment when what was planned actually became reality, into action.

As mentioned in the first part of this project series, this was a success story, but one that presented some tough challenges, normal for the size of the project, such as being an old “Campus” that needed a complete renovation.

In fact, the existing architecture of the new home of the Porto College was completely rebuilt, leading to a total renovation of the technology.

Thus, ActiveSys, in partnership with MAXIGLOBAL, a benchmark in the integration of technological solutions, developed a new passive infrastructure and the implementation of a Datacenter, capable of providing Colégio Júlio Dinis with the security, resilience and availability that guarantees business continuity.

"We had some difficulties that we easily overcame, MaxiGlobal with the help of ActiveSys, on the technical side (...) joining forces and know-how."

After the passive part, local backstage and Datacenter were completed, it was time to start phase two, the application part, where the various technologies allocated to the project were implemented and configured, such as firewalls, network, wi-fi, servers, antivirus, video surveillance solutions, all for the better functioning of the school community, both teachers and students.

Another difficulty was the fact that there was no final building plan, which meant that the project had to be resized as time progressed, since the final plans were not yet complete and had to be adapted according to the needs that arose.

"ActiveSys has continued to be flexible and has always shown great professionalism and a very good capacity for response and adaptability."

For all these obstacles, we were able to count on the collaboration of one of our great trusted partners, MAXIGLOBAL, namely in the cabling part, a very important part of the project, as well as in the implementation of the DataCenter.

Throughout this process, which has taken longer than expected, there has been a great deal of teamwork on the part of both ActiveSys and Colégio Júlio Dinis, who have joined forces to ensure that all adversities were overcome and solved.

"A union was created there (in the project), an enormous effort was created there, so that we could overcome the project."

Sérgio Sousa, the Project Manager responsible for the Colégio Júlio Dinis project, also highlights the partnership with leading manufacturers in the market, capable of presenting innovative solutions for the renewal of the IT infrastructure, as well as the services presented that met the needs of the school.

"We use manufacturers with great negotiating and technological skills, who provide the school with the best solutions for the needs that the school brings with its students."

However, despite all the difficulties experienced and the lack of a definitive final plan for the campus, which complicated the sizing of the IT infrastructure, it was possible to overcome them through the capacity of the team and the know-how of the employees.

"What used to be problems that took a long time to resolve, with ActiveSys' advice we were able to find a solution quickly."

The technological renovation of Colégio Júlio Dinis, one of the oldest in the city of Porto, ended up taking longer than estimated due to some of the normal complexities of a major project, but in the end it resulted in a success story that contributed to the school’s technological innovation.

Watch the full video of phase two of the Júlio Dinis School Case Study here.

Part 3, coming soon.

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