ActiveSys and Rubrik partner

Rubrik has a set of solutions that aim to simplify backup creation and recovery for physical and virtual environments. Eliminate backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, and duplicate-free storage into a plug-and-play device that scales linearly.

“When we created the company, we knew that we would have to bring differentiating and innovative solutions to the market for our customers. This partnership with Rubrik provides our customers with a technology that, due to its simplicity, instant access to data, mobility of applications, automation by policies, protection against Ramsomware, research and analysis, copying and fileof data, make this tool a unique differentiator in our market”, says António Louro, managing partner of ActiveSys.

Rubrik’s solution enables companies to expand their infrastructure to the cloud, with a scalable, on-demand software network, and automate the design of the entire environment. In this way, companies stop wasting time managing backup jobs and can automate backup policies. The Rubrik solution consists of an API-based architecture, in which even its HTML5 interface uses RESTful API endpoints. The Rubrik solution is designed to be suitable for any vendor and compatible with all the latest data center technologies and applications.

“The choice of ActiveSys to partner Rubrik for Portugal was a natural choice for us, as it is a company with great knowledge of the Cloud Data Management market and proven in reference projects in this area. On the other hand, its highly qualified technical team is prepared to address value-added projects to our customers and is an asset for Rubrik,” says Ramon Lucini, Rubrik’s country manager for Iberia.

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