Isabel Praça_The portuguese woman nominated for Cybersecurity Woman of the World

ActiveSys is a clear supporter of the presence of women in STEM fields.

In march, we dedicate the whole month to women in these fields, with a section entirely dedicated to women of different ages studying or working in the IT sector.

This time we spoke to Isabel Praça, a professor in ISEP who was nominated for Cybersecurity Woman of the World.

In addition to her teaching role, Isabel has been a pioneer in the world of cybersecurity, inspiring young people and colleagues by breaking down barriers and achieving several prestigious European awards for her excellent cybersecurity projects.

This nomination is not only an honor for Isabel, but a testament to her immense talent and contributions to the world of cybersecurity. It’s a reminder that gender should never be a barrier to pursuing one’s passion and making a significant impact.

Let’s celebrate this incredible achievement and show our support for Isabel as she continues to enrich the world of cybersecurity!

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