With a new general confinement, it is important to know the secret to keeping your computer safe at home. ActiveSys gives you some tips.


It is well known the dangers that the computer faces if it is not properly protected. With the spread of the internet and computer systems, as well as the growth of the technological market and the pandemic, the opportunities for hackers are increasing.

Not only at home, but also in companies, it is necessary to take preventive measures to the information of a computer and other devices.

So, we have some essential tips for a good security of your computer:

  • Keep your computer up to date with the latest software;
  • Check if your antivirus software is up to date;
  • Avoid opening attachments to e-mails you are unaware of;
  • Activate the firewall;
  • Change passwords every 6 months;
  • Privelige sites with “https” protocol;
  • In public spaces, if possible, do not access important content. If you really have to, use the privacy filters;
  • Perform backups frequently;
  • Pay attention to the use of public internet, these are networks considered risky due to computer hackers;
  • If possible, use a VPN;
  • Read all documents online, sometimes leading to the installation of programs not required;
  • Stay away from offers with unrealistic discounts;
  • Avoid using USB devices or other external devices, unless they are yours.


In any case, ActiveSys is the best solution to keep all your devices safe, not only today, but all year round.


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