Human Rights in the Digital Age


In view of this, on May 17, 2021, the “Portuguese Charter on Human Rights in the Digital Era” was published in the Republic Diary.

This referendum aims to set out a set of rights, freedoms and guarantees, diversified and comprehensive in the use of technology. This decree, which arises from the growing use of technology in the daily lives not only of citizens but also of organizations, was approved in the Assembly of the Republic on April 8th and promulgated on May 8th by the President of the Republic.

This charter guarantees, for example, the right of access to the digital environment, freedom of expression, association, demonstration, association and creation on online platforms, the right to protection against misinformation, the right to cybersecurity, neutrality and forgetfulness on the Internet, among other factors that are crucial and regularly defended and explained by ActiveSys.

The text, which contains more than 20 articles, also contemplates the “creation of a social tariff for access to Internet services applicable to economically vulnerable end customers”.

Likewise, the Charter focuses on the right to privacy in a digital environment, one of the topics most addressed by ActiveSys in order to maintain digital protection and security. It is then determined that “everyone has the right to communicate electronically using encryption and other forms of identity protection or that avoid the collection of personal data”.

In the same sense, it also touches on areas such as the right to be forgotten and the digital will, according to which “the posthumous suppression of personal profiles on social or similar networks by heirs cannot take place if the holder of the right has left an indication in contrary to those responsible for the service”.

The Charter of Human Rights in the Digital Age comes into force this month of July, 60 days after its acceptance, with provisions that provide for “quality seals” for information considered true, by “reliable entities”.

You can consult here all the points that this Charter provides Lei n.º 27/2021 – DRE.

Count on ActiveSys to fulfill this Charter, guaranteeing access to the rights and duties defended herein.


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