Júlio Dinis College Tournament

On the past 12th of February, ActiveSys was present in a solidarity tournament, organized by Colégio Júlio Dinis.


Throughout Sunday, youngsters of different ages and from different parts of the country gathered at FADEUP (Sports Faculty of the University of Porto) to enjoy a special day as a team and socialize with athletes from other clubs.

Besides the sporting aspect, this event was based on a solidarity action with the Centro Juvenil de Campanha.

After fulfilling our solidarity part, we watched closely a series of games between the different teams, from various levels.

We are proud to support and collaborate with such a renowned and prestigious school as Colégio Júlio Dinis, one of the largest schools in the Greater Porto area.

Furthermore, our bet on a mixed junior rugby team, a sport that is little communicated in Portugal, validates our commitment to contribute to gender equality and also to show support for sports that are not so widely shared in the national press.

Collaborating with a team sport also corroborates one of the values defended by ActiveSys, the team spirit, which encourages the participation of all, as a way of achieving common objectives, sharing information and knowledge.

We commit ourselves to continue supporting this great team, which fills us with pride and also carries us with honor and dedication.

Congratulations to all!


ActiveSys, we activate your business and your team.

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