Kick Off 2023

ActiveSys projects the year 2023!

Last January 27th, ActiveSys held its annual Kick Off with a Team Building action, where it analyzed the year 2022 and projected the next years.

If 2021 was a challenging year, 2022 was not far behind. The Pandemic subsided, but then came Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which, along with other episodes, directly and indirectly, affected the world economy.

Despite everything, ActiveSys is proud of the path taken, having been a case of success and overcoming. The team continued to grow, new clients with differentiating projects and added value entered, there was a clear boost in digital media and the strengthening of certifications, such as PME Leader 2022 and PME Excellence 2021, as well as the level of union with our business partners.

Of the most important milestones of 2022, we highlight the already mentioned IAPMEI distinctions, the continued adherence to the Punctual Payment Commitment, the partnership with the mixed junior rugby team from Colégio Júlio Dinis, the great Douro event and, of course, the countless team moments.

All these episodes allow us to continue with our quality policy, which has as its main mission the satisfaction of our customers and employees, through continuous improvement.

Ending the 2022 cycle, ActiveSys aspires, during the year 2023, to continue to grow, both in terms of projects and turnover, as well as in terms of human resources. It maintains, however, the standards of demand in the solutions it presents and the desire to innovate at all stages of its journey.

The team is united and sure of its path, aligned with the defined goals and ready for new challenges.

Count on us. Thank you for trusting us!

ActiveSys, we activate your business.

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