Punctual Payment Commitment 2023


For the third consecutive time (2021; 2022), ActiveSys is again part of this program that already has more than 2.000 companies and organizations from all over the country.

When the topic centers on payments, the points of view of each company do not always converge. What for some is seen as an important and crucial moment, for others is seen as sloppy.

According to recent data from informaDB, 84% of Portuguese companies do not meet their payment deadlines, jeopardizing the survival of the business fabric.

To break this vicious cycle, the Punctual Payment Commitment, to which IAPMEI, ACEGE, CIP, APIFARMA, INFORMA D&B, Caixa Geral de Depósitos and OCC are associated, has challenged the largest number of companies to subscribe to this commitment, for the sake of a healthier national economy.

ActiveSys is part of more than 2.000 member companies from all over the country, of different sizes and sectors, which, in a clear demonstration that it is possible to take on and meet this challenge, honor the commitments made and boost the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy.

We are considered an active part of this social responsibility movement, which, although not easy, promotes a culture of paying on time, showing example and courage by adhering to this commitment.


ActiveSys, we activate your business and pay on time.
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