Technological Trends 2021


Thus, the main technological trends for the coming year are highlighted:

  • Internet of Behaviors;
  • Total experience;
  • Computing that improves privacy;
  • Cloud distributed;
  • Operations anywhere;
  • Cybersecurity network;
  • Intelligent and adaptable business;
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineering;
  • Hyperautomation;
  • 5G data networks;
  • Blockchain;
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The following is a brief explanation of each of the trends that will mark the coming year:

Derived from the Internet of Things, the Internet of Behaviors combines several technologies such as facial recognition solutions, location systems, wearables, Big Data, among others.
It aims to collect data that people generate in their day-to-day and correlates it, thus resulting in behavioral events. It is up to companies to use this information to influence human behavior and, consequently, directly affect the way they interact with their employees and customers.

If in 2020 the trend was just the Multifocal Experience, in 2021, the combination involves the development of solutions that promote multiple user experiences (Multifocal Experience), with traditionally more isolated areas, such as the customer, employee and user experience.
The main purpose of this trend is the total experience for all stakeholders in the process, allowing the transformation of businesses and the achievement of differentiated results oriented to each one.
This tool is important for organizations, from the moment that interactions become more mobile, virtual and distributed.

In a scenario in which data legislation is more mature and privacy risks are increasing, one of the major trends is the use of information technology that protects data during use, that is, the use of computing that improves privacy.
Experts believe that by 2025, half of the organizations will have implemented solutions based on privacy-enhancing computation for processing data in unreliable environments, especially in the face of activities such as the transfer of personal data.

The Distributed Cloud refers to the distribution of services in the public cloud to several geographic locations, while the operation, management and evolution of these services remain under the responsibility of the public cloud provider.
This trend is important for businesses as it provides an agile environment that helps to overcome low latency issues, costs and privacy regulations that require data to remain in a particular physical location.

This trend is based on an Information Technology operational model, supported by distributed infrastructures, which allows it to offer support to customers, employees and partners, and also to operate and manage business from anywhere.
More than teleworking, this strength refers to the development of scalable digital infrastructures, which include experiences with added value around five areas: Collaboration and Productivity; Secure remote access; Edge and Cloud infrastructures; Qualification of the digital experience and Automation to support remote operations.

Pandemic and Digital Transformation bring associated cyber hazards.
Thus, the year 2021 is synonymous with the protection of users and companies, mainly derived from teleworking. In this way, cybersecurity, which refers to the set of technologies that allows anyone to access any device safely, regardless of location, asset and user, will be a key point for next year.

In general, the main focus of organizations is to ensure the efficiency of their business. Currently, the focus is on having intelligent and adaptable business processes and constructions.
In this way, technologies that improve decision making thanks to a vast network of data and knowledge, will play a central role, facilitating more agile business processes that allow for faster and more effective responses.

AI Engineering, assuming more and more importance over time, emerges as a strategy to facilitate the performance and reliability of AI models, while seeking to offer value to the investments made in this field.
Likewise, it helps companies to improve the customer experience, as well as to modernize and make businesses more effective.
It is essentially based on three pillars: DataOps, DevOps and ModelOps.

Considered a major trend increasingly in vogue in Information Technologies, analysts say that “Hyperautomation is now inevitable and irreversible.”
This, thanks to the pandemic, will have even greater growth, since the great need, today, is that all processes be technological and digital.
It is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Machine Learning and other automation tools for tasks and decision making.

The 5G data network, a 2021 trend, is the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies and standards, that is, it is the network that will be used by mobile devices to connect to the Internet from anywhere.
It is expected that more and more devices will be able to connect, with the possibility of communicating at very high speed, at least at 10Gbps per second, allowing the connection of unlimited data anywhere, anytime and in any format.

Blockchain is a transparent and decentralized database, where all movements are registered and can be consulted by anyone.
This technology promises to prevent fraud on the Internet, since it is a more inviolable and quite efficient system.

Virtual Reality (VR) refers to the replacement of images and sounds by virtual content, generated and managed by devices. The purpose of this tool is to recreate, to the maximum, the real sensations, allowing interaction with virtual objects, in real time, without connection with the physical environment.
In turn, Augmented Reality (AR) is about the overlapping of virtual elements in real environments, being very interactive, with real-time processing.
Both will be models in vogue in the year ahead, mainly Mixed Reality (MR), described as the technology that combines the overlapping of augmented reality in the real world, with the ability of virtual reality to insert graphic and digital elements on the screen.
Microsoft appears in this field as the institution that disseminates examples of how it is possible to unite the two universes in different areas, such as health and education.

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