Technological Trends 2023- Part II

Following on from the first part of the technological trends article, we continue the theme by unveiling the remaining trends that will mark the current year.

Software company Check Point identifies the main security challenges for businesses in the coming year, grouped into four categories: Malware and Phishing; Hacktivism; Emerging Government Regulations; and Security Consolidation.

Rise of Malware and Hacking Exploits

Ransomware, the leading form of Malware, has been deemed the big threat to organizations in 2022. The bad news is that it will continue to evolve and grow. Phishing, on the other hand, will not only focus on email accounts, but will expand to business collaboration tools, such as Teams, Slack, Google Drive, which are advantageous as they are a rich source of sensitive data and employees continue to work remotely.

Evolution of Hacktivism and Deepfakes

Hacktivism has been evolving, moving from social groups with flexible agendas (like the famous Anonymous group), to groups supported from States, which are more organized, structured and sophisticated, which will continue to grow this year. In turn, deepfakes, a widely used technology, especially in the United States, which aims to manipulate opinions or deceive collaborators in order to obtain access credentials, will develop.

Governments Strengthen Measures to Protect Citizens

There will be new laws around data breaches, new task forces against cybercrime, and security and privacy will be mandatory by default (the automotive industry has already started implementing this, in order to protect vehicle owners’ data. Other industries will follow suit, holding manufacturers accountable for vulnerabilities in their products).

Consolidation of Security

Reduce complexity, to reduce risk. Cyber skills have increased by 25% by 2022. However, security teams need to consolidate their IT and security infrastructures to improve their defenses and reduce workloads while staying ahead of threats.

Also Mulesoft released a report presenting 7 digital transformation trends for 2023.

Investment in Automation

Underlined in the last 2 years, by 2023 businesses expect to be able to do more with less, looking at efficient growth, improved productivity and crucial cost reduction in a time of economic uncertainty.


The central pillar of entities to drive innovation and agility. By combining simplified programming strategies, such as low/no-code, with hyper-automation technologies, enterprises can ease the constraints on IT teams and still innovate at simplified and connected speed and scale.

Non-Technical Users Accelerate Transformation

Non-technical users will turn to low/no-code tools and automation to accelerate digital transformation. You’ll also see the creation of fusion teams that combine technology and business experts. With the right tools and with oversight from the IT department, these teams can innovate to mitigate cybersecurity or compliance risks.

Total Experience

Also listed in the last 2 years, 2023 will be the year of greatest pressure on companies to deliver simple customer experiences that drive growth, secure revenue and ensure customer and employee loyalty. By combining Customer Experience and Employee Experience strategies they also retain scarce talent.


Also frequently mentioned, many organizations are placing a priority on making informed decisions based on data. By 2023 the focus of businesses will shift to creating data factories that provide automated, informative, real-time insights.


The increase in this area comes from a large investment, as already mentioned by other consultants.


It will remain one of society’s biggest challenges, and it is crucial that companies look to supply chains with integrated data and information to keep up with sustainability standards.

In the end, what you should retain is that regardless of the trend, what matters is to use technology as the main strategic partner to invest in your organization, which will result in benefits for your entity.

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