Cybersecurity: The Importance of Awareness

We are coming to the end of the month dedicated to cybersecurity awareness and ActiveSys has been a key element regarding this subject, as it constantly shares useful information as well as essential tips on the subject.

We have already mentioned the fact that 2022 is being challenging in terms of cybersecurity, mainly regarding Ransomware attacks, the most popular form of Malware, and Phishing. That’s why this year, the European Cybersecurity Month comes with the motto “Choose To Be Safe Online”, with the main awareness being made, precisely, about these dangers.

These attacks began to trigger in 2020, due to Covid-19, which boosted the digitalization of organizations. According to the Risks and Conflicts Report 2021 (Cybersecurity Observatory – CNCS), the most notorious situations were related to the increase in Malware distribution and Phishing/Smishing attacks, being the most common and successful attacks in recent times.

According to the National Cyber Security Centre (CNCS), between January 2021 and January 2022 the number of cyber-attacks, in Portugal, grew by 101%. Also, the Ukraine War contributed to this evolution, as one month after the beginning of the War, the weekly number of attacks on companies increased, on average, by 18%.

Cybersecurity is divided into two main dimensions, the external and the internal.

Regarding the external dimension, this focuses on the expectation that suppliers, partners and other third parties adopt a set of measures to protect customers, consumers, partners, companies, among others. To create this trust, it is fundamental that there is transparency in the communication of the measures adopted, but, at the same time, in the confidentiality and integrity of data.

The internal dimension, on the other hand, concerns the user himself, that is, the development of the necessary knowledge to use digital tools and functionalities safely.

In addition to the aforementioned threats, human error is one of the dominant trends enabling hackers to enter, as workers often unknowingly click on malicious links, downloading viruses and other dangers. In the same vein, online scamming is also one of the prominent cyber threats, which heavily involves the human factor.

In fact, it is increasingly important to emphasize labor awareness across the board, since it is not enough for just the IT team to have this knowledge, but all employees within the organization, who work with confidential data and documents.

Each element belonging to an entity is a front-line defender against the main threats, and a hacker can freely access all the company’s information with just a small slip-up.

According to the World Economic Forum, 95% of computer incidents occur due to human error. And that is why it is increasingly important to invest in awareness campaigns and training, which have already proven to have a positive effect on the prevention and mitigation of computer incidents.

The truth is that the path we are all taking toward digital transformation inevitably opens doors to new cybersecurity risks, which have an increasing impact on business. This is why it is increasingly important to adopt cyberliteracy strategies, which are fundamental for people to become empowered not only to identify potential threats, as well as adopt appropriate and safe behaviors.

The African continent is the one highlighted globally as the least secure, as by 2022, 52% of organizations did not believe they were prepared to deal with a large-scale cyberattack. At the same time, the World Economic Forum states that many companies are not prepared for existing cyber threats, not least because African entities do not prioritize cybersecurity.

Interpol’s “Africa Cyberthreat Assessment” report found that over 90% of businesses on the African continent do not contain the necessary cybersecurity protocols. This makes it one of the most hit regions by cybercriminals.

When it comes to the human factor, what stands out are the innocent mistakes by people who receive seemingly trustworthy links and emails.

It can be seen, then, that it is essential to use the cybersecurity services of ActiveSys, which guarantee the maximum security of your company, the maximum attention and protection, and also the possibility of carrying out tests that demonstrate the level of security of your entity.

Cybercrime is real and it is imperative that a good security policy is in place.

ActiveSys is the ideal expert support to help your company properly implement good security practices. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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