TOP 5- Essential Services for your Company


The main activities inherent to the Information Technology area are related to the development, systems maintenance, infrastructure support and management planning of the company.

Thus, we highlight the Top 5 essential for the best functioning of your company, to be able to focus on your Core Business:


It consists of an observation and control of the companies’ infrastructure. Also, the resources are analyzed in order to understand if they are working correctly and efficiently. It also serves as a tool that protects the corporate network from intrusion.


It involves the elaboration of strategies that aim to offer competitive advantages for technological resources.

Data Migration to the Cloud

Cloud allows a focus on the business and a reduction of risks, namely in terms of security.

Firewall Installation

Firewall promisse to strengthen security, reducing the number of intrusions or fraud.

Performing Periodic Backups

In order to ensure integrity of the information history, the files can be recovered in whole or in part, without the need for a complete stop of the systems.

To be able to put into practice each of these points that will benefit your organization, it is essential to use consultancy services, provided by ActiveSys, which translate into benefits and increased time to be able to focus on your business.

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