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Despite all the developments related to the pandemic, remote work or hybrid work, which mixes face-to-face and teleworking, remains a reality.


With the end of the state of emergency, and the beginning of the state of calamity due to the pandemic, the return to almost normality is a reality. However, the Government decided to maintain the mandatory telework until May 16, and from that moment, each organization decides the best path to take, depending on the pandemic situation that the municipality is going through.

So, after listing the essential services for your company, we now expose the essential services for the Home Office:


Internet security is one of the priorities of the Home Office, in order to avoid having vulnerabilities that facilitate access to devices and, consequently, documents by hackers. Unprotected devices are opportunities for attackers to be able to hijack valuable data and sell on the dark web. In this sense, VPN makes not only the connection to the Internet more secure, but also the connection to company data.

Since security is an essential factor, it is also important to maintain the security of your computer. The Firewall is a system that helps protect the computer, which monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and decides to allow or block access according to a set of established security rules. Thus, it works through a “code wall”, which basically inspects each side of that wall: the computer or other device and the Internet side.

The size of the data is currently unthinkable without a Cloud, since the number of information created and disseminated is invaluable. In this sense, the main purpose of this technology is the storage and management of data, the execution of applications or, still, the supply of content or services. In this way, instead of accessing files and data through a local or personal computer, you access it only from a device with Internet, that the information will be available anytime and anywhere.

Wireless Network

Working from home means accumulating traffic on the home router. In this way, cybercriminals can try to enter the router, intercept the wi-fi and, at the limit, gain access to the network. In addition, one of the other concerns is that they have a good connection that allows them to carry out work activities without delays or problems. Thus, it is essential to have a good wireless network solution, provided by ActiveSys.


With the growing need for collaboration and communication between companies and employees, as well as between them and customers, a phenomenon that has grown extraordinarily due to the pandemic, these collaboration technologies are increasingly an indispensable need for the development and streamlining of business, as well as , to increase the productivity of companies. ActiveSys offers collaboration and video solutions that allow perfect harmony between all members of the company, as if they were in person.

To be able to put into practice each of these points that will benefit your organization, in terms of productivity and efficiency, even in Home Office, it is essential to use consultancy services, provided by ActiveSys, which translate into competitive advantages and increased time for you can focus on your business.

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