Uncomplicated Data Storage, forever, with Pure Storage

Today we generate huge volumes of data in all sectors, where storage efficiency and reliability play a crucial role in the success of any company.


In this scenario, Pure Storage stands out as a revolutionary solution that offers not only data storage but also an uncomplicated and long-lasting experience.

For the fourth year running, Pure Storage has been positioned as a leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for distributed file systems and data storage.

In the complex world of IT, simplification is the key word. And that’s what our partner Pure Storage is working towards, offering a simple approach to data storage, eliminating the need for complex solutions and providing an intuitive experience.

Another factor that sets Pure Storage’s solutions apart is their unrivaled efficiency and performance, as they offer solutions that guarantee maximum use of space and optimized performance, resulting in more economical and faster data storage.

Pure’s solution keeps pace with the progressive growth of organizations, as infinite scalability allows companies to expand their storage capacity as needed, without compromising on performance or simplicity.

Today, the trend is to deliver products as a service. In light of this, in 2018 Pure Storage launched its own consumption-based service, launching the cloud storage operating model for the local data center with Evergreen//One.

You can see that Pure Storage has been at the forefront of the innovation curve when it comes to providing new storage solutions with a simple approach to performance and cost savings.

We now share ten reasons why Pure is helping to make storage uncomplicated, forever:


By using Pure Storage solutions, you’ll have more time to focus on your business, as Pure’s platforms are designed to be intuitive to run and update, while AI-based tools increase proactive/predictive support.

Real Agility

It evolves in line with the company’s needs. Data remains fast and available, even when the IT landscape changes.

Cost Transparency

Evergreen™ subscriptions mean there are no hidden costs to sabotage the budget. What’s more, all array software is included, now and in the future, as well as hardware upgrades, SLAs and premium service levels.

More Resources and Designed for Your Ambitions

With persistent storage for modern applications, storage-as-code design and enterprise-level data services for all your workloads, Pure’s services keep pace with your organization’s storage needs.


The platform is Evergreen by nature, as it reduces energy consumption by 80% when compared to all-flash legacy storage products. What’s more, Evergreen’s longevity means less electronic waste.

Preparing for the Unexpected

Data is a central element in every business, so it must always be available and resilient. All of Pure’s solutions offer simple but powerful data protection features, such as advanced replication, ransomware correction and fast data recovery.

Proven Reliability

Pure has already provided more than 11.000 controller updates on 8 generations of hardware. More than 97% of Pure’s arrays that are more than 6 years old are still in service. In addition, Pure FlashArray offers 99.9999% uptime, including updates.

Savings of up to 65%

With no new storage purchases, no migrations and lower management and space costs, the savings are obvious.

The Smile Factor

Pure’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 82, three times higher than the average for the storage sector. It is also among the top 1% of all B2B companies surveyed by Medallia.

Pure Choice

Regardless of the choice within Pure’s offer, it is unified, with a set of Purity and Pure data services, with Evergreen subscription.

Pure Storage’s data storage represents more than a technological solution, it is a commitment to simplicity, durability and excellence. By choosing Pure Storage, companies guarantee not just storage, but a solid foundation for the future of their data.

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