Data Center

Data Center is a physical facility that centralizes the operations, data and information technology equipment shared by an organization for the purpose of collecting, storing, organizing, processing and disseminating data, information and applications to users, and is then recognized as the company’s nervous system.

This equipment is considered vital for the continuity of an entity’s daily operations, since it houses servers and databases, processing large amounts of information. In addition, they are considered a priority for an organization due to security and reliability.

They include servers, networking, storage, software, cabling, infrastructure, cooling, reserve power and environmental monitoring. Likewise, routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems and application delivery controllers are inserted here. Normally, they are mounted on racks or metal cabinets, being protected against fires, thus having a cooling system for racks, which keeps their temperature stable.

The demand for storage space, processing and information needs is increasing, and the existence of a data center by a company is crucial, so that, in this way, they can satisfy customers’ needs.

Currently, the trend is towards the adoption of Cloud Data Centers, which deals with the migration of data to Cloud data centers. This system allows an efficient use of resources, a quick implantation, reduced costs and, still, the access to a global network of Data Centers, guaranteeing greater practicality and security.


Aware of these points, ActiveSys creates solutions to protect, enhance, streamline and support these data centers of our customers.
ActiveSys, we activate your business.

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