Benefits of Managed Services


As the concern of companies with digital transformation increases, there is a need to free up internal IT resources, because having a specialised IT team is not always an asset. Using technology consulting services is more rewarding for several reasons, particularly in economic terms, in terms of impartiality (since it is an outside look), knowledge and know-how.

Managed Services emerge precisely in this sense, as it is based on a model of hiring professionals in the area that allows a focus on the core business of the company, sharing and transferring risks, as well as access to specialised technical knowledge that, consequently, translates into a reduction of the total cost of ownership. 

But what are the main advantages of these Managed Services models?


Cost Reduction

Contrary to what is thought, there is an advantage in terms of costs, since setting up an internal department is much more expensive. It also allows a better budgeting of costs, since the need for investment is analysed.

Specialised Support

The lack of specialised resources is a reality. By having outsourcing companies specialised in the area, it is natural that there is a much greater know-how, with knowledge and skills always being constantly updated. Still, with this knowledge, it is easier to make an adequate budget to the real needs.

Time Release

The company’s concern no longer focuses on these issues, but rather on the development of the business, contributing to the improvement of the organisation’s productivity and efficiency.

Greater Impartiality

External services allow for a much broader vision and a less committed critical eye, since it is a perspective that does not know the entity’s processes. In the same way, they are able to identify more effectively which points need improvement in order to make them more efficient, always focusing on improving business processes.

Constant Availability

Depending on the service, there is constant availability of assistance, either remote or in person, to solve the problems identified.

Additionally, the lack of specialised talent in the IT area, increases the need for companies to resort to outsourcing services, especially companies whose area of expertise is not Technology.

The rapid digital evolution, leveraged by Pandemic, and the agility of technological transformation made Managed Services follow the transition from a traditional model to the As-a-Service model, becoming a business necessity, since they allow a continuous implementation and management of solutions, strengthening business relationships.

The main market for these services is large companies with more complex operations. However, there has been an expansion to medium-sized companies.

In turn, small companies, which are still very attached to the traditional model and with less capacity and financial stability, are afraid to take risks and lose central resources of operations, with the idea of no longer being able to pay a subscription.

ActiveSys has professionals specialised in the implementation of Managed Services models, using the most appropriate methodologies and the strictest international quality criteria.

These services are provided through the provision of specialized technical resources or the realization of the same, through contracts with SLA (Service Level Agreement) that can be managed in whole or in part by the client or by ActiveSys.

Still, ActiveSys presents budgets to measure, depending on various specifications.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this service that is undoubtedly a competitive advantage for your company.


ActiveSys, we activate your business.

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