Blockchain, major technological trend for 2021, considered promising and revolutionary, is a database, transparent and decentralized that can be consulted by anyone, and everyone are responsible for each action performed.

One of the biggest particularities of Blockchain is the fact that all token transactions (registration of an asset in digital format) are always recorded. These records are considered to be among the most reliable in existence, as they cannot be tampered with, that is, once created, they cannot be deleted or modified. Still, it does not allow replication, as it is characterized by creating unique digital information documents, and it is not possible to hold a copy of the existing data.

This trend, which gained prominence in 2008 thanks to Bitcoin, works in computer software, operating behind the scenes in order to automatically distribute information to all nodes (all computers in the “block chain”) to the database as soon as new transactions are made.

More completely, Blockchain is a “chain of blocks” that, as a new transaction enters, grows, creating new blocks, which, after being validated, are added to the chain in chronological order.

This type of technology is being increasingly adopted by companies and organizations looking for maximum security, namely in transactions that involve sensitive data and content. Likewise, they can be used by artists and musicians who want to ensure that no one else copies their creations, thus taking the value out of record academies, which receive a franchise for this type of services.

Regarding advantages, Blockchain:

  • Minimizes risk;
  • Eliminates fraud;
  • Prevents forgery of documents;
  • It is transparent in a scalable way for countless uses.


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