Commvault’s Cyber Resilience Platform

The word that best defines 2023 is undoubtedly cyber resilience.

As the days go by, the use of digital tools increases and, consequently, the amount of data we generate grows.

In addition, a frightening fact is that the time it takes to exploit a vulnerability after its disclosure is still very high (around 7 days according to Rapid7’s Annual Vulnerability Intelligence Report).

In light of these events, the world has realized the need to invest in cybersecurity so that the losses from cybercrime can be severely reduced.

Thus, having a strong security posture is vital to maintaining data integrity, customer confidentiality, business operations and an organization’s cyber resilience.

One of the biggest challenges for organizations is maintaining operational continuity after a security breach. But organizations of all sizes and sectors can’t afford to let their guard down.

Similarly, the adversities surrounding data security still stand out, as they become more complex every day, especially in a world where companies are increasingly working in hybrid IT environments.

For this, the ideal is to use the concept of cyber-resilience, which is the ability of an organization to withstand cyber-attacks while minimizing disruptions. Similarly, it is the continuous and intentional measurement of compromises and is the first step toward increasing security efficiency.

That’s why Commvault is ending the year with something new: Commvault Cloud powered by Metallic AI.

After three years of working as separate entities, Commvault and Metallic merged to give rise to a new platform, Commvault Cloud.

This new Commvault Cloud approach unifies all the company’s SaaS and software offerings on a single platform, where visibility and control can be managed holistically via a single dashboard.

With this strategy, Commvault aims to go beyond data protection to help customers build cyber resilience, with security, recovery tools and services included in the cloud platform.

Another purpose of this platform is to increase cyber resilience, allowing users to anticipate threats more quickly, guarantee full recoveries and speed up threat response times, all with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

In addition, Commvault Cloud users can also access the new AI copilot integrated into the platform, called “Arlie”, derived from Autonomous Resilience, which is available 24 hours a day. In short, it makes it possible to manage API code and workflows, which allows errors to be found and corrected more quickly, as well as obtaining real-time analyses and report summaries. It is therefore a solution that identifies threats and speeds up data recovery.

Arlie will also be integrated into the back-end with AzureOpenAI.

According to a recent IDC survey, 59 percent of respondents expect a cyber recovery to take days or weeks, which is unacceptable when trying to keep organizations running.

Reducing recovery time after a cyber-attack is vital, since longer downtimes can lead to significant costs and a loss of trust on the part of customers.

With this unique Commvault Cloud architecture, customers can protect and recover data, on any infrastructure and from anywhere to anywhere.

In short, our partner Commvault defines this new strategy as moving from modern data protection to a futuristic cyber resilience platform.

Count on us to stay one step ahead of cyber attacks and contact us to find out more about this Commvault rebranding.

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