Cyber Attack Protection: Tips

The year started 2 months ago and cyberattacks are taking over the national news. In fact, cyberattacks are increasingly frequent and sophisticated.

Experts say that the keyword for solving these cybersecurity problems is, without a doubt, prevention. Ricardo Negrão, specialist in the area of Cyber Risk at Aon, underlines in an interview with CNN Portugal that the basis of protection is simple: “awareness and awareness”.

Digitalization leveraged by the Pandemic is here to stay and will continue to develop. Currently, the dependence on information and technologies is constant, through the most diverse devices that serve both for leisure and for work. In view of this, the exposure is enormous and the risk of attack is very high and persistent. However, don’t be fooled if you think that technology is the main responsible for this wave of virtual attacks. The problem is essentially centered on the behavior of individuals, that is, the lack of attention when opening files of which there is no certainty about their safety, or by clicking on a supposedly reliable video.

It is understood here the importance of training in this sense, a field where ActiveSys stands out, through its technological consulting services, which promote training and awareness in the area of security.

It is therefore crucial that entities invest in solutions that provide protection against cyberattacks.

Protection must, therefore, be done in layers, creating barriers at different levels of the network, minimizing the vulnerability of cyberattacks. In this way, ActiveSys provides some of the main tips so you can stay protected against recurring cyberattacks:

Updating Equipment and Systems
Sometimes undervalued, keeping operating systems and devices up to date is one of the fundamental factors of network protection, since they serve not only to correct and reduce security flaws, preventing networks from being more exposed to virtual attacks, as well as to monitor the development of new malware. If implemented automatically, it is preferable, since with manual intervention, this action is more time consuming and more susceptible to human error.
Network Protection
Through a Firewall, it allows protection in the different layers that make up a computer network. It serves to secure and monitor all connections to the network, serving as a protective barrier, which will control data traffic between devices and the Internet. In this way, only authorized data will be transmitted.
Continuous training within the company, with the aim of keeping employees attentive and informed about the risks and consequences of a poorly cared use of digital resources. Many computer attacks take advantage of human error to discover and steal credentials. It is essential that everyone understands that, despite the usual protection, without everyone’s collaboration the risk increases.
Use of Cloud Technology
The Cloud is an important approach to consider when looking to increase security. In addition, productivity and facilitation of collaboration between company elements are also enhanced.
Data Monitoring

Occasionally overlooked, but very relevant as it allows controlling whether the measures implemented are being efficient and whether configurations need to be adjusted.

Use of Backups

An action that should be taken for granted by any entity. Certainly, everyone has lost, in one way or another, some kind of information, important or not. Without an efficient backup solution, recovering this data is virtually impossible. Furthermore, it is crucial that organizations have plans to restore data, ensuring the quality of backup copies, the so-called backups, and the effectiveness of the process, with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity of operations in the event of computer incidents.

Care with the URL
URL filtering prevents access to malicious websites. URL reputation assesses the security risk of addresses.
Special Attention to Personal Equipment
During the Pandemic, several employees purchased equipment in order to improve professional performance at home. However, they did not communicate to the IT teams, so the risk of cyberattacks and the number of vulnerabilities increased, as these tools were not properly secured.
Network and Services Security Assurance

For networks and services to be secure, it is essential to prevent access by unauthorized users. For this, the services must be properly configured; there must be a policy of privileges for each sector, that is, limit access to what is really essential in a certain area, with access for each user; access to networks must be monitored to detect any abnormal behavior, through systems such as the IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). Finally, traffic control is needed regularly, as vulnerabilities can be exploited incessantly.

Pay Attention to Trends
Threats are constantly evolving and vulnerabilities are always growing. In view of this, it is essential that the company is aligned with trends in the area, so that, if necessary, the processes are reviewed. With this prior knowledge, the company will be better prepared to prevent and deal with cyberattacks.
Avoid Free Wifi Networks
These are networks exposed to various dangers and more prone to hacker attacks, as it is a freely accessible network. Everything that is free (even applications), despite being priceless, retain data, with the intention of using it for malicious purposes.
Multifactor Authentication
2FA acts as a second barrier of protection in accessing accounts, and can take various forms such as SMS, matrix cards, applications. Usually access to credentials happens because a hacker stole them directly from the victim. With this authentication this no longer happens because access is barred and, consequently, the data is protected. Although most people don’t use this additional security, this, given the current reality, raises the bar for protection. However, it should be noted that when the 2FA method chosen is via SMS, it can be changed by third parties, by cloning the card, and therefore is not the best option.
Browsing in Private Mode
This type of navigation, existing in all browsers, allows browsing the Internet in an anonymous way, without personal and business data being exposed.

Cybercrime is real and it is imperative that there is a good security policy in place.

It is essential that each organization understands the seriousness and consequences of non-intervention and non-investment in security in the entity. Companies must adopt a preventive posture, since the cost of remedying losses is much greater than the amount invested in prevention, in addition to this investment keeps the company competitive and reliable.

ActiveSys is the ideal expert support to help your company properly implement good security practices. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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