Efficiency and Simplicity with Nutanix “Hybrid Cloud” Solutions

In today’s IT world, organizations are constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that simplify infrastructure while increasing scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency.

Nutanix, one of our leading partners in the IT sector, offers a simple and comprehensive “Hybrid Cloud” solution specially designed to equip and automate the new Data Centres.

Virtualisation and hyperconvergence have not only simplified but also accelerated the use of physical resources. Nutanix has taken these factors to a level that makes it possible to reduce the effort involved in managing and operating Data Centres, as well as unifying their resources, whether on-prem or off-prem, Nutanix allows the customer to run any processing, any application, regardless of the location of the App or the Data Centre.

Nutanix solutions represent a framework of integrated IT resources, combining computing, storage, networking and virtualisation in a single solution driven by intelligent, automated software. This consolidation simplifies management, reduces complexity and increases the overall efficiency of the Data Centre itself.

With Nutanix solutions, customers have the power to choose and combine the infrastructure, hypervisor and Cloud they want, with the guarantee of single, integrated management across environments and locations, and unrivalled support, as evidenced by 8 consecutive years of over 90% NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Nutanix offers a comprehensive Hybrid Cloud platform that fills the large gap between traditional infrastructure and Public Cloud services. This solution is ready to use and integrates servers, storage and virtualisation, along with end-to-end systems management and operations capabilities. This makes it possible for companies to implement the infrastructure quickly, shifting the focus to what really drives the business.

Most Hybrid Cloud solutions consist of two fundamental components: a data plane and a management plane. Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) and Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) are responsible for the data plane and management tasks.

Main components of the solution:

Þ Nutanix Prism: management and monitoring interface that simplifies infrastructure management by offering a
                                  single administration panel.

ÞAcropolis Hypervisor (AHV):offers virtualisation capabilities to run applications and workloads (an integral component                                                          of Nutanix solutions at no cost).

ÞNutanix Files and Volumes:Unified storage and data management services (File, Block and Object S3), eliminating the                                                            need for traditional SAN or NAS equipment.

ÞNutanix Database: The ability to manage several databases (commercial or Open Source) in a single, integrated                                                       integrated management platform, with snapshot capability, clones, point in time backup integrated                                           with Archive Logs.

This solution has advantages such as:


This solution is designed to scale seamlessly. In this way, organisations can start small and expand as their needs grow. This scalability is critical in today’s evolving IT environments.

Resilience and High Availability

Nutanix guarantees business continuity with features such as data replication, disaster recovery and self-healing capabilities, thereby reducing downtime and data loss. Designed even for critical environments in Active-Active scenarios.

Automation and Orchestration

Use of automation tools to simplify operations and orchestration resources for implementing and managing applications.

Cost Efficiency

This solution optimizes the use of resources, reducing operating and infrastructure costs by around 53%, according to an IDC study, improving the ROI of IT investments.

Hybrid and Multicloud Resources

It supports hybrid and multicloud environments, allowing organizations to take advantage of public and private clouds without any problems.


The solutions are open, supporting the world’s largest hardware vendors (HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, Fujitsu and DELL), the largest hypervisors (AHV, ESXi and Hyper-V) and the largest clouds (AWS and Azure) separately or simultaneously.

In a rapidly evolving IT landscape, Nutanix Hybrid Cloud solutions are a powerful tool for companies looking for agility, scalability and efficiency. By consolidating resources, automating tasks and supporting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, Nutanix empowers organizations to thrive in the digital age.

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