Event Day- 20.05.2022


This event consisted of a drive from ActiveSys to Régua, along the banks of the Douro River in fantastic BMW models (in partnership with BMCar).

An enriching meeting, always in a good mood, which allowed a more direct contact with our clients, who considered this event to be innovative.

The topic of cybersecurity is a current one, since, 2021 was a year marked by massive attacks on websites and organisations. Portugal ranks 31st among the countries most affected by ransomware attacks, out of a total of 101 countries, where the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada top the list, according to a study by S21sec.

Pandemic has accelerated the process of business digitalization. Remote work, the aforementioned digitalization and the increasingly online nature of lives are reflected in opportunities for cybercriminals who take advantage of organisations’ vulnerabilities and employees’ concerns. As we move into 2022, there is unfortunately no sign of slowing down.

According to Gartner, after a company has been targeted by a cyber-attack, every second that passes of business downtime is critical and costly, generating losses of up to five thousand euros per minute.

Thus, the importance of prevention and detection measures can be seen, such as protection policies and immediate availability of data, which depends on security copies, the so-called backups, and data storage.

Experts are aware that they cannot guarantee the security of a company 100%. However, they can neutralise their effects in order to guarantee business continuity, i.e. the main objective is to increase the organisations’ security.

Protecting businesses and investing in cyber security has never been more urgent. Cybercrime is real and it is imperative that there is a good security policy in place.

It is fundamental that each organization understands the gravity and consequence of a non-intervention and non-investment in security in the entity. Companies should adopt a preventive posture, since the cost of remedying losses is much higher than the amount invested in prevention, besides this investment keeps the company competitive and reliable.

If you were curious about the solutions our partners Aruba, Palo Alto and Commvault offer, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Prevention & Innovation are the key to the future! 


ActiveSys, we activate your business.

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