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The VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a secure virtual path, between the home network and the corporate network, that is, it is a private communication network that creates a connection through a server, as if it were a tunnel that connects the two networks. In this way, devices can connect to the organization, from anywhere, maintaining information security. Still, not only do they make it more difficult for hackers to intersect communication, as they do not have the necessary credentials to access, but they also hide the true IP address of the access device.

Put more simply, it is about creating a private network over the public network, creating a secure communication channel, through the use of encryption and authentication techniques. However, it should be noted that the VPN also allows interconnection between private networks, that is, the connection between, for example, single networks of branches that are physically distant.

The confinement that we went through due to Covid-19 has made it imperative to use this tool since it allows the continuity of corporate operations and, equally, helps to protect against cybercriminals who constantly try to take advantage of vulnerabilities in order to break into systems and consequently cause damage.

The main benefits of VPN for the Home Office are highlighted:

  • Protection against Ransomware (Type of Malware);
  • Greater mobility;
  • Unblocking of sites that have geographical limitations, given that VPNs have location anonymity;
  • More economical, as it replaces the use of private lines that can reach high monetary values, as well as the high cost of maintenance;
  • Personalization of security protocols;
  • Increased productivity of employees, given that even when they are at home, they have access to all information as if they were physically in the company.

However, when employees choose to use home networks, they are more susceptible to virtual attacks. It is for this reason that online criminals take advantage of this period of Home Office, since, through network weaknesses, they gain easy access to sensitive data, and can even steal it.

The main disadvantage of the VPN relates to the connection speed, since, in practice, the VPN is an intermediary for network traffic, causing, consequently, a loss of speed. In addition, if the home network is not good enough and fast enough, a greater impact is felt.

So, don’t let confinement make it impossible for you to work safely and with all the necessary tools. Contact ActiveSys who will assist in this process.


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