Managed Services: Importance and Benefits

In a world undergoing digital transformation, the evolution towards services is more evident every day.


The world is changing by the minute and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the news.
What yesterday were widely used methods, today are of little use and this makes it increasingly difficult to identify signs of attack and analyze data that allows the company to be protected from incalculable damage.

As for business conditions, they have never been as volatile as they are today, due to the global financial crisis we are going through and the technological development that has taken place.

According to the Logicalis 2021 CIO Survey, business and technology leaders are looking to innovate in the coming period, and to do so, a robust and secure infrastructure is required.

Nowadays, it is indisputable that business increasingly demands and depends on IT areas and this inevitably causes pressure on these departments. However, companies need a constant focus on their core-business to be successful.

In these cases, the solution most adopted by companies is the use of specialized and dedicated IT services, namely the choice of Managed Services.

When hiring these services, there are key factors to think about so that the choice is made as accurately as possible. The first point to consider is the needs of your business, that is, evaluate the needs of the company, analyze the IT infrastructure, and then determine which services are essential.

Outsourcing these amenities to a managed service provider offers a range of benefits for businesses of all sectors and sizes.

Firstly, the most important and strategic point, access to a specialized IT team, with the support of professionals, multidisciplinary, with cutting-edge technology and knowledge, updated with the latest technologies and methods of defense against attacks.

Likewise, with a Managed Services service, you can guarantee the management and monitoring of your systems 24/7, identifying and solving problems proactively, ensuring the continuity of your business.
This is one of the most important points, since there is a clear improvement in the support to all technical activity with the identification and resolution of problems or risks of cyber-attacks and data breaches, since the service provider has the best solutions and services, allowing a constant update to the security of the systems.

The cost of suffering a cyber-attack can be severe, in operational, financial and reputational terms. As attacks become more targeted and sophisticated, the costs tend to increase. In this respect, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cybercrime could cost €10 trillion a year globally by 2025.

In recent months, the IT sector has been going through a difficult time with a shortage of skills and this inevitably makes the option of creating an internal department more difficult. Furthermore, when setting up your own division, in addition to hiring human resources, continuous training is required and this is more expensive than outsourcing technical support.

Another factor in favor of these services is in terms of cost. This outsourcing of Technicians/Services frees up resources (human, technical and financial) for functions more focused on business development, without the cost and burden of maintaining an internal IT team.

As a result, organizations can focus more time on what is really important, their core business, with the help of an external partner with constant availability.

Sometimes there is confusion that Managed Services and Service Outsourcing are the same thing. But they aren’t.

Outsourcing is the delegation of existing tasks to an external company through the allocation of specialized technicians. In turn, Managed Services involve hiring a company that will use its expertise to manage the IT infrastructure of your business, through agreed service levels.

More than resorting to a service provider, is to work with a true business partner, which helps to improve the performance of the company, with the resolution of constant problems and in this way bring more, and better, results to your organization.

For all this, ActiveSys is a partner of excellence in the area of Managed Services, responding accurately to the needs of clients and, together with them, designing and implementing the best strategy, fostering a policy of partnership and proximity to clients.

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