Pandemic and Corporate Security


Remote work culminated in employees accessing their organizations’ networks and servers from home, with clearly lower security levels. However, the rapid transition was a success given the new circumstances, a success that did not cover all areas, namely that of device security. Teleworking showed, on the one hand, the lack of preparation and awareness of companies on this topic and, on the other, the use of hackers to try to enter networks and systems of organizations.

Thus, it is important to make companies aware of the dangers inherent in computer security, since, according to a study by Clark School, University of Maryland, on average, an online attack occurs every 39 seconds via automated scripts.

Thus, the cybersecurity area will be one of the priority fields in terms of investment in 2021, being one of the areas in which ActiveSys works with customers to carry out all the necessary control in this regard.

Today, companies find two major factors that must be combined effectively: digital transformation and the security of their data. We expose, then, some of the most common mistakes that happen in companies:

  • There is no basic monitoring of the systems- sometimes, the software and operating systems are not adequate to the needs of the company, or are not updated, putting the entity at risk of virtual attack.
  • Considering having an antivirus is sufficient- entrusting only security to an antivirus is a common mistake. It takes more than that for your systems and devices to be safe.
  • Not having a culture of online security- in order to avoid situations that can lead to data loss, it is ideal to create a culture of cybersecurity awareness, allowing all employees to have an understanding of what threats may exist and how to prevent , namely the most recurring ones that are phishing emails.
  • Lack of prevention plans- it is crucial to have measures to prevent possible attacks since, in the case of a cyber attack, the organization knows how to act and solve the problem more effectively and efficiently.

ActiveSys, as an information technology consultant, offers appropriate responses to each of these situations, allowing for a positive evolution that does not compromise the company’s security.

We help you keep your data and systems up to date, as well as protected from threats. Talk to us for more information.


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