Storage Trends for 2022


Since the Pandemic appeared in our daily lives, companies themselves have been forced to accelerate their digitalization processes. However, this entire process, from teleworking to the adoption of new “homemade” tools and technologies, was a gateway to reaching vulnerabilities related to security, the availability of information and the scalability of the infrastructure.

It is therefore expected that in 2022 automation, storage and scalability will be the key requirements that any organization must have, without forgetting the concern with sustainability.

At the same time, the growing increase in data migration to the Cloud has demonstrated its full potential, making it a favorable, competitive and secure option for organizations of all sizes.

When we talk about storage and scalability, we inevitably refer to Cloud technology, an emerging trend, which in 2022 will be no exception, as well as Data Centers, which are increasingly associated with the Cloud, since currently, the trend passes for the adoption of Cloud Data Centers, which is about the migration of data to data centers in the Cloud. This system allows an efficient use of resources, a quick implementation, reduced costs and, also, access to a global network of Data Centers, guaranteeing greater practicality and security.

ActiveSys highlights the crucial trends that every entity must follow at the storage level:

Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud Environments Will Continue to Grow

In 2021, the trend is towards choosing more than one operator, with the aim of obtaining the best possible result from each solution. In fact, data access should be simple, so as not to complicate IT tasks. Gartner estimates that at least 75% of medium and large companies are already following this trend. However, forecasts point to 90% of organizations implementing solutions that combine scenarios between multicloud, private Cloud and legacy systems. This form of storage increases the mobility of data between several locations, especially because the increasing amount of data makes the centralization of processing inefficient.

Compliance in Increasingly Complex Environments

Companies, every time, need to guarantee data security, regardless of where they are and who uses them, thus reducing blind spots. Without the guarantee of cybersecurity, blind spots can be boosted by virtual attacks, create management blockers or jeopardize compliance with existing rules. In fact, currently, data privacy and security are pointed out as the main blockers for Cloud adoption.

Cost Control

The decentralized model of consumption has increased the costs of organizations exponentially. It is up to companies to control costs as the use of the Cloud increases and, for this, the ideal is to count on the specialized and personalized support of ActiveSys.

On Demand Technology

After controlling Cloud costs, companies now have more revenue available to take advantage of other services and solutions and thus overcome specific business challenges. Cloud Providers will seek to drive innovation and make it more accessible to a greater number of professionals.

The Critical Nature of Data and the Company’s Cybersecurity Strategy

The Pandemic’s relationship with the security of companies led to an increase in cyberattacks, at the same time that cybersecurity was highlighted as the main organizational concern, factors leveraged by the different ways of working. To be prepared, it’s critical that you have resilient data and storage systems as a critical component of your organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

Artificial Intelligence and Software Defined Storage

Storage has been gaining more and more stage, as it is considered an essential pillar to optimize the performance of AI applications, another trend highlighted for 2022. The incorporation of AI and software-defined storage will provide added value, contributing for a clear improvement in application performance.

Integration of Out of Office Storage Technologies

The move to the Hybrid Cloud will continue, and at great speed. This will help you to provide the right services to end users, with the appropriate service levels for your business. Owning integration capabilities in Hybrid Clouds will increase substantially in 2022.


It allows a system that is capable of increasing its resources, without harming the company’s performance. In today’s times, it’s almost impossible to predict how much storage a business might need at any given time. Given this unpredictability, it is crucial to have an infrastructure that allows for capacity growth, without this affecting the normal functioning of the business.

Greater Attention to Backup

The Pandemic has made technological environments more complex, consequently bringing new challenges. In fact, remote working and exposure to new dangers has increased the risk of virtual attacks. The increased adoption of Cloud technology has a significant impact on modern backup, making organizations more aware of the importance of protecting their data with environments that ensure data privacy.

Greater Security

There are infrastructures, such as Data Centers, that do not have a properly protected structure. Solutions such as access control and infrastructure monitoring in real time, increase the security level of any installation. Without this additional protection, information becomes more vulnerable and can result in significant data loss.

Understanding these trends in enterprise storage will give you advantages and help you shape your IT strategy for the future.

Aware of the importance of storage, ActiveSys has solutions to protect, enhance, streamline and support data centers at our customers, as well as being able to outline the indicated strategies for the transformation and migration of data to the Cloud, through Cloud Services.

Don´t hesitate to contact us for more information. With ActiveSys, you always keep abreast of trends.


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