Starting the year off on the right foot means entering 2023 knowing the key trends that will mark the year.


As usual, companies such as Gartner, Check Point and Mulesoft, share their opinions on what will be trending, and for 2023, they did not escape the rule.

Thus, aware of the continuous contribution of keeping the public informed, and as has been done in recent years (2021, 2022), we demonstrate, in this article, what the main trends are and what you can expect in the year 2023, at a technological level.

In general, expect more cyber attacks on a global scale and government regulation, are some of the prominent lines for 2023.

According to Gartner, “Every investment will need to be balanced by its impact on the environment, with future generations in mind.

Optimization, scalability and pioneering, together with sustainability, are the three pillars that the american consultancy considers essential for the technologies implemented by companies in 2023.


CEOs are increasingly making sustainability a priority after earnings and revenue, so that they can claim to have met the social responsibility objectives they have set themselves. This requires not only technology frameworks that increase the energy and material efficiency of IT services, but also the implementation of solutions to help clients achieve their own sustainability goals.

Digital Immune System (DIS)

76% of teams that are responsible for digital products are now also in charge of revenue generation. Administrators explore new approaches in order to achieve greater business gain, as well as mitigate risk and increase customer satisfaction. The digital immune system offers this model, which combines expertise in incident resolutions, software engineering within IT operations, among others that enable increased resilience and stability of systems.

Applied Observability

The visible data reflects all scanned assets, such as logs, APIs, downloads, transfers, etc. Applied observability feeds these assets, according to an orchestrated approach, which enables accelerated decision making.

Trust, Risk and Safety Management for AI

For several times we have mentioned that many companies are not properly prepared at the cybersecurity level. It stands out, on the other hand, that those who are trained, have achieved better results in their AI projects.

Industrial Platforms at Cloud Scale

Combination of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, which provide specific packages to support business use cases. In this context, companies can leverage the capabilities of Clouds to compose unique and differentiating digital business initiatives.

Platforms Engineering

The main goal of this trend is to optimize the developer experience and accelerate the delivery of customer value by product teams.

The Value of Wireless

By 2025, 60% of businesses will be using five or more wireless technologies simultaneously, a trend that is becoming increasingly marked by the many benefits it brings.


A superapplication combines features of an application, platform and ecosystem into a single piece of software. It has its own set of functionalities and also enables third parties to develop and publish their own mini-applications. By 2027, more than 50% of the world’s population will be daily users of these solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Referred to over these 3 years, adaptive AI systems aim at continuously recycling models and adapting, quickly, to changes in real-world circumstances that were not initially foreseen or available. Also, they use real-time feedback to change dynamics and adjust goals.


According to the consultancy, the metaverse is a collective, shared 3D space created by the convergence of physical and digital reality, virtually enhanced. By 2027 Gartner believes that over 40% of large organizations globally will use a combination of Web3, augmented reality in the Cloud. However, this is an open door for cybercrime, as by using NFT, cryptocurrencies and digital wallets they are more exposed to cyber activity.

These are just some of the trends pointed out for this year. Discover the remaining technology trends for 2023 in the next part of this article.

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