The Effect of Sustainability on Technology


Companies prioritize a new global look at the environment, with the purpose of making the best decisions so that it is not negatively impacted.

The adoption of sustainable tools, services and solutions is increasingly common, since environmental concern has increased considerably, due to visible climate changes, which are based on catastrophes such as fires, floods and extreme temperatures.

Recently, a new concept emerged, that of sustainable technology, which boils down to the union of all knowledge for its application, always prioritizing sustainability. In the same sense, it is important that companies understand the urgency of implementing sustainable practices, which contribute to the development of their own business.

One of the services most leveraged by sustainability is the adoption of cloud services, which considerably improves environmental resilience.

While the impact and benefits of the cloud have traditionally been measured with financial and efficiency metrics, it has become more common for users to understand how this technology can help achieve sustainability and environmental goals. In fact, cloud computing can support your organization in order to reduce carbon emissions, use resources more efficiently and lower your environmental footprint.

Thus, there was an increasing migration of data and documents to cloud technology, as well as an increase in the development of native applications in the same solution. According to the itchannel study, what led to the increased adoption of these tools was even the intention to improve environmental resilience. With the digital transformation underway, driven essentially by the pandemic, organizations are primarily concerned with making sustainability a point to consider in every decision-making process.

Blake Murray, research analyst at Canalys, states that “Awareness about the energy use and carbon emissions of digital services provided from data centers operated by cloud service providers is increasing.” He says that customers are “increasingly using cloud services to alleviate some of their environmental responsibilities and meet sustainability goals”, such as achieving the smallest carbon footprint. In fact, the transition to a more sustainable world, with the adoption of new services and solutions to reduce carbon emissions, is part of the TIC work, given that the TIC sector represents a 6% contribution to the world GDP and only 2% of greenhouse gases.

In turn, Matthew Ball, head of Canalys, gives special focus to the Paris Agreement, as he considers that state regulations will be the main “drivers of sustainable measures that many companies are or should adopt”.

In the past, sustainability actions employed by technology companies were carried out with the aim of conveying a good image. Nowadays, the practice of these actions is much more than that, it is an elementary strategy not only related to the survival of the business in the long term, but also to the preservation of the environment.

In addition to the well-known Paris Agreementthe European Union listed new goals such as the Green Deal, the political flag of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and the common goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

A society and a market with environmental awareness are beneficial to the planet, which, after the new coronavirus pandemic, made it very clear the need to preserve it, since during social isolation, the environment improved significantly.

Sustainability is not an option, it is everyone’s obligation!

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