Timely Payment Commitment


The Pandemic, transversal to all sectors and all countries, further underscores this need, demonstrating that each one has the responsibility to, as far as possible, do everything in their power to maintain the economy, namely the Portuguese one, streamlined despite the whole situation. Thus, respect for timely payment to suppliers represents a great measure of management, which has always been fundamental, but which, in the face of a crisis, assumes vital importance.
In this way, in order to face this huge problem that affects the entire Portuguese economy, ACEGE, CIP, IAPMEI and APIFARMA, together with Caixa Geral de Depósitos, have been promoting the “On-time Payment Commitment”, with the main objective of putting a brake on this late payment cycle.
ActiveSys is one of more than 1300 member companies, where we are considered an active part of this social responsibility movement, which promotes a culture of payment on time and enhances the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy, thus helping to create a wave of change payment delays in Portugal.
ActiveSys, we activate your business and pay on time.

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