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The number of security incidents and breaches has worried the leaders of companies of all sizes and sectors. 

In addition to the normal security measures in place, every employee in an organization needs to realize that they are the first line of defense against the main threats, so it only takes a small oversight for a hacker to access all the company’s information.

The truth is that even with the best security software and firewalls, many companies neglect one of the most important components of organizational security: the human factor.

One of our partners, KnowBe4, is a leading company in sensitizing and raising awareness about cyber security concerning common dangers such as phishing.

Through KnowBe4’s platform, companies can send personalized phishing simulations to employees and monitor click-through rates and phishing reports. This data is then analyzed to identify areas of vulnerability and provide personalized training.


KnowBe4 is a cyber security awareness and training platform that stands out for its innovative and truly effective approach.

Founded in 2010 by Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 has quickly become a benchmark in the cybersecurity industry, providing a wide range of tools and resources to protect organizations against phishing attacks, ransomware and other forms of malware.

Its main mission is to help companies strengthen their defenses against cyber threats by offering a variety of resources designed to educate and train an organization’s employees to recognize and thus prevent cyberattacks.

Through phishing simulations, interactive training modules, and with an extensive library of additional resources, KnowBe4 helps companies create a global cybersecurity culture throughout the organization.

It also has campaigns that are customized to the specific needs of each company, to properly prepare employees for the wide range of cyber threats they face daily.

Phishing attacks, for example, exploit the naivety and lack of knowledge of end users, leading to security breaches, loss of confidential data and other incalculable collateral damage.

By promoting cyber awareness campaigns, companies can significantly reduce the number of successful cyber attacks. By being periodic and continuous, employees become increasingly able to recognize warning signs, enabling them to take proactive measures to protect company assets.



ActiveSys, in collaboration with our partner KnowBe4, can offer a comprehensive solution for building a digital protection force.

By implementing these training campaigns and simulations, you can:

Reduce the Risk of Security Breaches

Human error is responsible for 88% of data breaches. Given these figures, this platform empowers employees to recognize and report data breaches, significantly reducing the risk of intrusions and loss of confidential data.

Create a Cybersecurity Culture

By extending these trainings to the entire company, companies can create a safety culture that encompasses all areas of the business.

Protect the Reputation and Trust of Customers

It’s not just about protecting your own digital assets and sensitive data. It’s also about preserving the reputation and trust of clients, avoiding the costs and image damage associated with security breaches.

Improve Readiness and Response

By regularly exposing employees to realistic phishing simulations, organisations can assess users’ readiness and ability to respond to cyber threats. This allows them to identify areas for improvement and implement correct measures as necessary.

Preserve the Company’s Assets

By strengthening employee security awareness and practices, companies can protect their most critical assets from financial losses and reputational damage resulting from security breaches.

These interactive security awareness training sessions are developed jointly by KnowBe4 and Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker who left us last year. In these simulations, Kevin reveals behind the scenes how cybercriminals operate.

KnowBe4’s services offer an essential solution for protecting companies’ most critical assets against digital threats, resulting in a significant reduction in security incidents and associated costs. What’s more, KnowBe4’s campaigns help create a culture of cyber security that is fundamental to the long-term success of organizations in today’s digital age.

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